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Courses With Special Topics


SubjectCatalog # and SectionClass NumberTopic TitleUnitsDescription
ANTH 307-122347Inka Archaeology&Ethnohistory3Special topic description: Inka Archaeology & Ethnohistory - This course explores the rise, dominance, and fall of the Inka Empire in the Andean Mountains of South America. We will examine the Inka¿s socio-political economy and their worldview. We will also highlight specific cultural technology and practices of the Inka people including their architecture, roads, textiles, metalworking, farming, food, knot recorder (khipu), and ceque system.
ANTH 339-123597Zooarch & Comparative Osteo4Special Topic description: Zooarchaeology & Comparative Osteology - Survey of faunal remains common in bioanth and archaeological contexts. Focus on differentiating bones as human versus nonhuman, identifying species, analyzing faunal samples, and exploring the contributions of zooarchaeological research. Includes working with nonhuman real and cast materials and human cast materials.
ANTH 390-123605China Dreaming4Topic Description: China Dreaming - Perspectives on contemporary China's diverse & changing culture. We consider emerging social & political institutions, media, literature, film, & ethnographic accounts to gain perspective on aspirations, ideologies, & grounded experience.
ANTH 485-123757Grad School Prep1Special Topic Description: Grad School Prep - Guided exploration of graduate school options, application preparation, and methods for successfully navigating graduate education.
ART 301-122126The Art of War3Special Topic Description: This course explores twentieth-century art and material culture in relationship to war in the United States¿beginning with a brief overview of the national war art tradition (or lack thereof) and finishing with a look at contemporary war photography. Major themes include the relationship between art and politics, censorship, constructions of masculinity, the vicissitudes of memory, wartime sexuality, the ethics of looking, and protest art.
ART 301-222941History of Photography3Special Topic Description: This course will trace the history of photography from its invention in the 1830s through its employment in contemporary art. Photographic trends will be discussed not only in terms of style and technology, but also in relationship to historical events and debates, including questions of politics, race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality.
ART 304-123764Harlem Renaissance3Special Topic: This course will focus on 20th century African American culture and artistry, specifically highlighting the Harlem Renaissance, a period of Black cultural efflorescence centered in New York City during the 1920s-1930s. We will consider the visual arts - including painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design - of this period alongside examples from the realms of literature, music, theater, and film.
ART 321-122128Comics3Create original works of sequential art by responding to a series of prompts. Instruction in ink, color watermedia, and basic drafting tools. Explore the work of historical and contemporary cartoonists. Repeatable.
ART 330-122132Bookmaking as an Artform3This course covers creating basic book structures, paste papers and bookcloth. Projects incorporate printmaking processes such as paper and plastic lithography, melding text and image into an artist book.
ART 339-122134Photo Portfolio Development3Preparation for professional art practice. Concentration on developing thematic portfolio and professional presentation methods. Discussion of art issues. Open to Photo and Graphic Design students
ART 340-123510Adventures in Typography3Adventures in Typography: Practical to Experimental
BA 480-123450Community Internship4Senior School of Business students with a GPA of 3.0 can take the Community Internship Class to gain career work experience for 4 units, working 180 hours to earn a $3,000 stipend.
ENGL 330-123335Caribbean Literature4Special Topic Description: We will study classic novels, poems, and short stories from the English-speaking Caribbean, emphasizing the place of empire, diaspora and oral tradition in the region's expressive culture and literary history.
ENGL 336-122186Asian American Literatures4Special Topic Description: Asian American authors provide diverse lenses for reading the nation, even as US laws excluded "Asian" from "American." Explore intersections of race, ethnicity, nation, gender, genre, history and politics, with Bao Phi, Kay Ulanday Barrett, John Okada, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and others.
ENGL 342-122189Approaches to Shakespeare4Special Topic Description: This semester we will explore current approaches to reading, teaching and performing Shakespeare, some include: Shakespeare and colonialism, gender and sexuality on the early modern stage, and revisions of Shakespeare.
ENGL 546-123326Criminalization & Counterstory4Special Topic Description: Use new historicist, CRT and feminist lenses to read law, poetry, oratory, fiction, and autobiography of slavery and resistance, criminalization and counterstories. Wheatley, Jacobs, Douglass, Jordan, Long Soldier, Soto, Otsuka, and prisoners at Angel Island and Guantanamo Bay.
ENST 123-322481Sustainable Cooking1Classes are student-facilitated - Facilitator: Natalie Luna Class meets  February 6th through April 21st 2023 Classes meet in CCAT
ENST 123-422504Global Food Systems1Classes are student-facilitated - Facilitator: Dev Fields Class meets  February 6th through April 21st 2023 Classes meet in CCAT
ENST 123-523915Green Building1Classes are student-facilitated - Facilitator: Maddy Hunt Class meets  February 6th through April 21st 2023 Classes meet in CCAT
ENST 195-122211Emotions in the Anthropocene3In this course students will examine the affective, emotional dimensions of our socio-ecological crises and consider their relationship to social change, alternative futures, and self- and community-care. This asynchronous online course includes an optional but encouraged in-person gathering to connect and share in community.
ES 280-122952Hip Hop Conference Attendance1IA, Special Topic Description: Earn credit for attending a conference aimed at deepening an understanding of Hip Hop. Includes keynote presentation, Hip Hop party, workshops, film screenings, and discussions. Topics may include art and activism, transformative reforms, social justice movements: past present and future, and more. Students attend the conference and write a reflection paper.
ES 280-222953Hip Hop Conference Organizing1IA,Special Topic Description: This course serves as the organizing hub for HSU's 2021 Hip Hop Conference. Earn credit for planning a fun and educational event using skills in party planning, graphic design, marketing, event coordination, and other organizing skills.
ES 336-122057Asian American Literatures4Special Topic Description: Asian American authors provide diverse lenses for reading the nation, even as US laws excluded "Asian" from "American." Explore intersections of race, ethnicity, nation, gender, genre, history and politics, with Bao Phi, Kay Ulanday Barrett, John Okada, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and others.
ESM 480-121732Mattole Restoration Field Crse1Field course portion will take place May 15-19, 2023. Cost of the field course is $800 (payable to Mattole Restoration Council). Contact Flora Brain - for more information and to reserve your place.
FILM 478-12292116mm Film & New Media Practice4Students will gain a deeper knowledge of 16mm film production processes and emerging media technologies that center the development of personal voice and style through various methods of visual storytelling.
MUS 180-123041Mariachi de Humboldt1The ensemble is open to students of any major, background, and experience level. No prior experience playing mariachi is necessary, but experience playing an instrument is essential. Beginners on their instrument may be admitted at the instructor¿s discretion. All students will be required to play an instrument and practice singing. If you do not currently own an instrument, make an appointment with Dr. Trowbridge at to discuss instrument availability. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not required. Students in Section 1 focus on standard mariachi repertoire, performance style, music fundamentals, and reading music notation. Sections 1 and 2 will perform together on campus and for our departmental concerts. Students may enroll in Mariachi de Humboldt once approved through an audition with Dr. Trowbridge. Auditions are typically held the week before classes start or at the beginning of week one in the semester.
MUS 180-223693Mariachi de Humboldt1Cal Poly Humboldt's premiere mariachi ensemble. The ensemble studies and performs a variety of Mexican musical genres including son jalisciense, ranchera, corrido, bolero ranchero, and huapango. Additionally, students may form small ensembles/combos that study and perform other Mexican regional styles such as son jarocho or música sierreña. The ensemble is open to students of any major and background who play a standard mariachi instrument (violin, trumpet, guitarrón, arpa, vihuela, nylon-string guitar) or another instrument that works well in the mariachi style (flute or accordion). Everyone is required to play an instrument and sing, as part of the group coros or as a soloist. Enrollment is by audition, which may be scheduled with Dr. Trowbridge at Students should demonstrate technical facility on their main instrument (or on voice), as well as a combination of strong aural skills (learning by ear) and experience with note reading. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not required. Knowledge of baile folklórico is also helpful but not required. Students may enroll in Mariachi de Humboldt once approved through an audition with Dr. Trowbridge. Auditions are typically held the week before classes start or at the beginning of week one in the semester.
OCN 485-121556OCEANOGRAPHY SEMINAR1OCN 485 focuses on oral scientific communication. This course will be online during weeks 1-4, week 8 and 10. You will have the opportunity to present several oceanography concepts to a general audience. You will also study current oceanography literature and present these papers to a group of your peers.
PHIL 485-122364The Philosophy of Spinoza3Special Topic Description: We will investigate the metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, and political philosophy of Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), with special emphasis on his Ethics and to a lesser extent his Politco-Theological Treatise.
PSCI 371-122936E Law Conference1Three separate synchronous online meetings in addition to attendance at an off-campus conference at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene, OR between 3/2 and 3/5.
RS 394-122922Xianity: Ritual & Charisma1Join us for a wild and crazy tour of Christian communities in Eureka and Arcata. Sacred Saunter with the Episcopals, Ezekiel's Wheels Motorcycle Ministry, Great Vespers at the Orthodox Church, Palm Sunday Mass, Pentecostal Praise Break, and more! Think you know Christians? We'll surprise you...Transportation provided.
RS 394-222923Buddhism: Doing Time on Earth1Local Buddhist teachers join with Cal Poly Humboldt's Project Rebound and The Boundless Freedom Project to learn about Buddhist interventions for incarcerated populations. The second part of this weekend immersion will explore Buddhist practice, ecology and eco-grief. Learn about mindfulness, meditation, and action in the context of socially engaged Buddhism and environmental concern.
RS 394-322924Gomde Tibetan Buddhist Retreat1Spend the weekend with the sangha at Gomde California, a remote retreat center in beautiful Leggett. Encounter the foundational teachings of the Buddha, Mahayana teachings on emptiness and compassion, and the profound instructions of the Vajrayana. Travel and overnight accommodations provided: bus leaves Cal Poly Humboldt 3:00 p.m. Friday 3/24, returns to Cal Poly Humboldt 3:00 p.m. Sunday, 3/26.
SOC 480-223676Global Cannabis4special topics course is Global Cannabis
SPAN 280-123668Mi lengua: El español en EEUU3Note - SPAN 280 can substitute for SPAN 208 - Heritage Speakers II. Special Topic Description: This course will be an exploration of language and identity in the Latinx community with an emphasis on the development of literacy practices in Spanish. Readings in both Spanish and English. The class is open to bilingual students.
SPAN 480-123696La cocina nuestra3Special Topic Description: La Comida Nuestra - Learn about and explore the sustainable and environmentally sound methods and ethnocultural techniques that indigenous people of the Americas have used for millennia to fish, hunt, forage, grow and prepare food to nourish, celebrate and heal.
SW 442-122663Mental Health and Recovery3DA,This is a fully online course and will meet synchronously on Thursdays from 6-8pm approximately 3 times during the semester rotating with other major courses.
SW 559-121912Foundation Year IV-E Seminar1.5This course will meet sync. online weekly, see day/time.
SW 680-121996School Based Mental Health Trg1.5DA, this course meets syncronously each week.
WLC 480-123697ISLP Philippines3Special Topic Description: ISLP Philippines - Students will learn about the host country, the program, and Service Learning. The International Service Learning trip will occur during Spring break.
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